Important Professional Cleaning Service That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Restaurants have a lot on their plate. The constant demands of customers, the importance of managing staff, ensuring food quality, and maintaining a clean space can be a lot to juggle. But restaurant owners and managers mustn’t take their eye off the ball. 

Maintaining a clean kitchen is one of the crucial aspects of running a restaurant, and a lot goes into this. Restaurants use a diverse array of equipment, and there are plenty of kitchen areas that can get extremely dirty if they aren’t properly attended to.


At Hood Guyz, we offer pressure washing services that provide deep cleans for restaurants in several key areas. Our services are diverse and provided by trained technicians using high-quality machinery. Let’s look at three important kitchen cleaning services we offer that restaurants should not overlook. 

Hood Exhaust Cleaning

One of the most important services Hood Guyz offers is hood exhaust cleaning. For this service, we will use our pressure washing technology to clean exhaust systems, removing layers of oil, grease, and other materials. Ignoring this can pose a huge threat, as the exhaust system poses a major risk of grease fires. Our pressure washers will scrape through this difficult-to-reach area to improve fire code compliance and remove flammable buildup.

Appliance Cleaning

Appliances can get extremely dirty without kitchen staff even realizing it. Your equipment is an investment, and when there is a layer of grime coating appliances, not only is it not sanitary, but it also impedes the functioning of these important parts of a kitchen. With Hood Guyz, we scrape appliances down to their metal, so they function as good as new, and provide before and after pictures to showcase the impact of our work.

Conveyor Oven Cleaning

Conveyor ovens are used by many different restaurants and are an excellent way to mass-cook food. However, these ovens can get incredibly dirty, which impedes their functioning. With Hood Guyz, we will disassemble these devices, deep clean them, put them back together, and ensure they function more efficiently than ever.

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