The Biggest Risks Restaurants Take When They Don’t Receive Professional Cleans

Every restaurant does cleaning differently, and the choices of management go a long way toward determining the hygiene of a business. There are few industries where hygiene is more important than the restaurant industry, but there are many restaurants where cleaning is left to kitchen staff, who use mops and sponges to get rid of crumbs and stains. While this can work short-term, long-term, you are likely to need professional kitchen cleanings. Let’s look at some of the risks posed by restaurants that don’t receive professional cleans. 

Customer Walkaways

Hygiene and cleanliness are demanded in the restaurant industry, and if they don’t see your business as clean or well-maintained, they are going to leave. Some stains and messes can’t be cleaned with mops and sponges, and if customers see your business as unhygienic, you will likely lose out on customers as they will take their business elsewhere.

Appliance Malfunctions

Restaurants that aren’t getting deep cleanings from professional cleaners will likely notice that their appliances are getting dirtier. This isn’t just bad aesthetically. The dirtier your appliances are, the less effective they will be. If you don’t clean your appliances enough, their lifespan will decrease, and you will not get the return on investment you hoped for. 

Grease Fires

Arguably the biggest concern for restaurants should be the risk of a grease fire. Grease fires can completely derail a business and threaten the safety of customers and staff. When flammable material is allowed to build up in hard-to-reach places in the kitchen, there is a huge increased risk of a grease fire, which is incredibly difficult to contain. This is a hazard that should not be taken lightly.

The Hood Guyz Benefit

If you are searching for a team to help you with your kitchen cleaning, Hood Guyz is your answer. With pressure washing technology and a team of experienced cleaners, you can ensure your customer looks great for customers, have your appliances cleaned down to the metal, and drastically reduce the risk of grease fires.

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