Three Elements of the Hood Guyz Service That Make a Massive Difference

Running a restaurant requires the ability to manage a million different things at once, from inventory supply to customer service. It is hard work, with so many different aspects to consider. One thing restaurant managers and owners know never to take their eyes off is hygiene and cleanliness. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen, and that is why many restaurants turn to Hood Guyz for assistance.

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business that specializes in using pressure washing technology to scrape flammable build-up out of the hardest-to-reach areas of restaurants, like oven hoods and vents. But our offerings go beyond that, as well. Let’s look at three elements of the Hood Guyz service that make a massive difference to restaurants.

Free Estimate

We know how valuable time and money are in the restaurant industry, and we do our best not to waste either. Before we ever get started, we provide restaurant owners with a comprehensive free estimate. In this estimate, we look at their system and tell them the recommended services that we could provide. We also give you the cost estimate, so there is complete payment transparency.

Professional Technicians

Hood Guyz is powered by our skilled technicians that have trained experience with pressure washing technology. Rather than relying on your own kitchen staff, the Hood Guyz team brings professional cleaners with high-powered cleaning tools that will make a dramatic difference. We clean oven systems and appliances down to the metal and are able to scrub past dirt, grease, and grime that regular kitchen cleaning tools can’t reach. 

Before and After Photos

At Hood Guyz, we pride ourselves on the work we do, and we want to show you our great results. That is why we offer before and after photos that will illustrate the service we provide. We want it to be clear the difference our services make, so these photos will be the perfect showcase of how effective our pressure washing clean has been. 

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