Why Pressure Washing is the Answer for Your Restaurant

Every restaurant goes about the cleaning process differently. Most focus on regular cleans with a mop, washcloths, and sponges to maintain cleanliness. These types of cleans are effective on a short-term basis. However, many problems can’t be fixed with a simple mopping and scrubbing. Sometimes, the hygiene issues in a restaurant are a little more substantial than that and require a more comprehensive solution. When that is the case, consider Hood Guyz and their pressure washing technology as a way to provide a more impactful clean that reaches areas you can’t get to with a mop and washcloth.

Hood Guyz is a national kitchen cleaning business that has teamed up with restaurants big and small across the country to provide a clean that helps remove dirt, grease, oil, and stains from all areas of a restaurant. Our skilled and highly-trained technicians use pressure washing technology that can power clean some of the hardest-to-reach areas of a kitchen, interior, or exterior. These power cleans will scrub away things that a mop, sponge, and cloth can’t.

Hood Guyz’s pressure washing services don’t just end with oven hoods and exhausts.

One of our most popular and necessary services is our oven hood and exhaust cleans. The pressure washing technology will scrape away flammable buildup, removing oil and grease that pose a severe fire hazard. Not only does this ensure fire code compliance for businesses, but it protects them from grease fires, which are one of the most devastating things that can happen to a business in the restaurant industry.

Hood Guyz’s pressure washing services don’t just end with oven hoods and exhausts. We also will do appliance cleaning, floor cleaning, and exterior cleans. The pressure washing power washes away stains and grime, leaving a kitchen and restaurant looking better than ever before.

While mopping and hand washing your kitchen are necessary regularly to maintain a hygienic environment, sometimes you need to bring in the professionals. With Hood Guyz, you can have your kitchen power cleaned to perfection with pressure washing technology that ensures it looks and functions its best.


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