What to Prioritize in Your Post-Summer Restaurant Clean

Summer marks the busiest time of year for most restaurants. The warm weather leads to more foot traffic and customers, and most restaurants tend to do the most business during this season. However, that doesn’t mean fall and winter are a time to take your foot off the gas pedal. Most restaurants still have swarms of customers frequenting their business every month of the year. For restaurants eying a major clean to prepare for fall and winter, there are many important services to consider. Hood Guyz can help provide significant cleaning to prepare your restaurant for the months ahead.

Hood Guyz is a business with locations across the country, and we specialize in giving restaurants a thorough clean in the areas most difficult for them to do themselves. While staff does their best to keep kitchens clean on a consistent basis, there are some things they can’t do on their own, and that is what we can help with.

Hood Guyz specializes in reaching the hardest-to-reach areas of the kitchen. Our trained technicians use pressure washing technology to scrape away dirt and grit from oven hoods, exhausts, vents, and fans. This drastically reduces the risk of a grease fire and helps restaurants maintain fire code compliance. This is a crucial service that restaurants should focus on for their upcoming fall cleans, but it isn’t all we offer.

Restaurants are seeking to maximize their fall and winter.

Hood Guyz offers more standard services like appliance cleaning, floor cleaning, and exterior cleaning. The difference is we use powerful pressure washing technology that scrapes appliances down to the metal, removes deep stains from the floor, and gives exteriors a shiny new look. These are standard services any restaurant can use at any time of the year.

Summer has wrapped up, and now restaurants are seeking to maximize their fall and winter. A clean restaurant plays a big role in ensuring customers enter, as no one wants to eat in an unhygienic environment. Hood Guyz is a kitchen cleaning business that uses pressure washing tech to deep clean kitchens, ensuring they are more appealing, safe, and hygienic than before.

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