Hood Guyz: a Cost-Effective Kitchen Solution with Decades of Experience

Most restaurants across the country are operating on a pretty tight budget. That is to be expected. The average restaurant has so many costs associated with it, from inventory and rent to staff payments. But even with so many different costs to consider, the importance of professional kitchen cleaning can’t be overlooked. Professional kitchen cleaning provides an immensely important service to restaurants, and Hood Guyz is the cost-effective option that restaurants should seek out. 

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business that has been servicing restaurants for decades. We have partnered with restaurants ranging from local businesses to global franchises to offer an essential service that every restaurant needs to consider.

Hood Guyz uses pressure washing technology to scrape away grime and flammable buildup from oven hoods and exhausts. Our pressure washing technology reduces the risks of a grease fire and ensures restaurants are fire-code compliant and safe. Our services are more wide-ranging as well, including appliance cleaning, floor cleaning, and more. Best of all, Hood Guyz is cost-effective and keeps restaurants’ budgets in mind. 

We implement procedures to ensure that restaurants are getting their money’s worth.

All our services are affordable and effective, but we additionally implement procedures to ensure that restaurants are getting their money’s worth. The biggest one is our free quote process. We will come to your restaurant at a time most convenient to you and investigate your system. We will look over your oven hood, exhaust, and vents and investigate your restaurant from your roof to the kitchen.

We will then take pictures and send them over, along with a quote of the recommended services needed. We do this to provide complete transparency into our processes and to ensure that restaurants are getting their money’s worth. We don’t try to upsell restaurants, we don’t offer services you won’t need, and we do everything with your convenience in mind.

Restaurants need professional cleaning, and Hood Guyz is a team that offers competitive rates, free estimates, and essential services. This is how we’ve managed to thrive in the industry for decades.

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