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Proper Cleaning

You can't clean ductwork if you cannot access it.  To clean the ductwork of a hood exhaust system, you must be able to access inside the ductwork.  Especially if your ductwork runs at angles or horizontally in certain areas of our ductwork.

NFPA-96 Fire Codes

Fire Code dictates that you must have an access point (panel) every 12' of liner duct-work. The reason for this is that you can't clean what you get into to.  For areas where there aren't any access points you run the risk of grease buildup

This build up of "fuel" will increase the chances of a grease fire taking place. If a fire takes place in your duct-work, then it will ultimately start a fire on your roof.  There are 6000 to 7000 grease fires annually across the USA due to grease accumulation in the duct-work.

The best way to find out if you have or need access panels in your duct-work is to have one of our Certified Operators inspect you system and find out for you.

If you do have access panels, then we can open them up to see if that stretch of duct-work has been cleaned or not.  In essence, we can see if you have a potential grease fire building up in your system.

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