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Filter Cleaning Importance

We provide hood filter cleaning service for all of our customers. A filter that is clogged with grease does not allow your kitchen exhaust fan system to “breath” properly and can cause premature failure of your fan motor. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services starts first with cleaning your hood filters, then moving on to our kitchen exhaust duct cleaning services.

Proper Cleaning and Frequency of Service

We have found some filters that weren’t cleaned or cleaned properly for long periods of time. When this happens grease builds up inside the filters and as time goes along the layers of build-up gets harder and thicker. Ultimately, the filters are a lot heavier from this grease buildup. Also, the filters become a fire hazard since this grease (fuel) is trapped inside the filters.

Experienced Filter Cleaning Technicians

With our hood filter cleaning services we clean the areas that are hard to reach and out of sight. Soaking and pressure washing is very important in all filter cleaning. Hood filter cleaning services are very important to prevent a grease fire in your establishment.

Be Aware

Some hood filter cleaning companies take short cuts in the cleaning process. This is very dangerous and presents a potential fire hazard. Our filter cleaning program is strong. We provide professional reports on  hood flter cleaning services that we provide our customers.

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