Hood Exhaust Cleaning

Having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not only for the safety of your customers, employees and your building, it is also a compliance issue. Our hood cleaning service is very thorough and we clean the whole system from top to bottom. Our hood cleaning company provides after pictures of each cleaning that we will do for you, so you will know that the job has been done completely.

Professinal Reporting

We provide proof of work completed with our after service reports (with photos) for every cleaning that we perform.

Experienced Technicians

We are certified operators who provide professional cleaning services in accordance with NFPA-96 Fire Code Standards.

Some kitchen exhaust cleaning companies take short cuts in the cleaning process. This is very dangerous and presents a potential fire hazzard. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning program is a cut above. We provide professional reports on exhaust fan cleaning services that we perform for our customers.

Cleaning Hood Fan

We Provide Peace of Mind

With our kitchen duct cleaning services we clean the areas that are hard to reach and out of sight. Access panels are very important in all duct work that you cannot reach from the bottom of the system or the top. Exhaust fan cleaning services are very important to prevent a grease fire in your establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extractor fan cleaning services requires the right training and the right cleaning equipment and tooling to take your system down to bare metal. We are fully insured and trained professionals who provide exceptional extractor fan cleaning services.

That depends on how big your system is.  What we will do is inspect your system and then give you a fair price for a complete and professional cleaning.

We do the cleanings when the restaurant is closed.  This way we do not interfere with your operations.

That depends on how big and dirty the system is.

Yes, we do.