Inspection Services

As a busy restaurant owner or manager, you do not have the time to follow up and check to see if your current hood exhaust system cleaner is actually cleaning the whole system.  In order to do this you would have to look behind the filters, open up the ductwork above the ceiling, get up on the roof and pull back the hood fan.

This is where we come into the picture.  We will do this for you at no cost to you.  If your cleaner is doing the right thing, then you can feel better about your vendor.  If they are not cleaning it the areas that you cannot see (cleaning only what can be seen) then you will know about it and can prevent a potential fire hazzard.

Professional Report

When we are finished with your inspection, then you will receive a professional report on our findings.

Details with Pictures

In your report will be detailed notes along with pictures of your entire system that will support our findings

Sleep better at night by knowing if your current hood cleaner is actually doing what you are paying them to do.  Do you have a clean system or a dirty system that can present a fire hazard in the future?  Give us a call today (844-461-8716) and schedule your FREE INSPECTION.

Our Experienced Technicians can help you.

Our certified technicians understand NFPA-96 Fire Codes and perform work according to these standards.  This means that you will receive professional service that protects your restaurant from grease fires.

Frequently Ask Questions

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No, there is no cost for this service.

Usually in the early morning, so we can have access to all parts of the hood exhaust system.

Usually between 30 to 40 minutes.

Right after we complete the inspection.  You will receive a hard copy and a PDF copy (via email).