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In commercial kitchens, the ducts and exhaust hoods collect grease over time, which will eventually restricts airflow. Not only it reduces overall safety but also creates a fire hazard to the facility. Hence it is very critical to ensure kitchen duct cleaning at regular intervals. Furthermore, it is a legal requirement for commercial kitchens to do exhaust cleaning at regular intervals. If you are looking for hood cleaning service Chicago, IL, we are here to assist you! 

Professinal Reporting

We provide proof of work completed with our after service reports (with photos) for every cleaning that we perform.

Experienced Technicians

We are certified operators who provide professional cleaning services in accordance with NFPA-96 Fire Code Standards.

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Hood Guyz is your reliable team when you need professional services in kitchen hood cleaning Chicago, IL. We cater to all commercial kitchen cleaning requirements in Chicago, IL. As a specialized company for kitchen exhaust cleaning, we strive hard to provide excellent kitchen exhaust cleaning services in the area. We are well-equipped to handle commercial kitchen cleaning projects with a full range of necessary tools and industry-leading solutions. With a proven track record of excellence, we make your perfect choice when you need kitchen exhaust cleaning Chicago, IL. 

Cleaning Hood Fan

Certified Technicians For Hood Cleaning Service Miami, FL

At Hood Guyz, we employ certified and experienced technicians who are experts in handling commercial kitchen cleaning requirements. Our dedicated technicians can do the commercial kitchen cleaning task efficiently and professionally. We do not compromise on the safety factor and we comply with the safety protocols set by the local authorities. Regardless of the size and complexity of the task, our team is committed to providing you top-notch workmanship in commercial kitchen cleaning services.  

Established Cleaning Methods For Hood Cleaning Miami, Florida

We follow a systematic approach when you hire us for kitchen cleaning services. With our established cleaning methods, we can thoroughly remove the grease and stubborn residues that stick to the interiors of the hood, filters, and ductwork. Our cleaning process helps you stay compliant with the applicable codes and industry standards. When it comes to exhaust hood cleaning service Chicago, IL, we are the team you count on. 

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If your commercial property requires kitchen cleaning services, feel free to get in touch with our team. We do a free assessment and provide a detailed quote. We stick to the upfront quote and do not keep any additional charges. 

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That depends on how big your system is.  What we will do is inspect your system and then give you a fair price for a complete and professional cleaning.

We do the cleanings when the restaurant is closed.  This way we do not interfere with your operations.

That depends on how big and dirty the system is.

Yes, we do.