Why a Hood Guyz Spring Clean is the Best Way to Turn Over a New Leaf

Spring is a time of change when the ice thaws and leaves bloom. In the restaurant industry, it is a hugely important time of year. This is because after typically having a down period in the winter, when people are less likely to eat out and leave their homes, spring brings people back outside and into their favorite restaurants.

That is why so many restaurants emphasize spring as a time for cleaning, to have restaurants looking and functioning their best. If you are seeking a spring clean that gives you the push you need to thrive this season, Hood Guyz is the team to help. Let’s look at why a Hood Guyz spring clean can help your restaurant turn over a new leaf this season.

Fire Safety and Code Compliance

There is nothing that can completely derail a restaurant more than a fire. Fires are a huge hazard in the restaurant industry, and built-up flammable material in kitchens can have devastating consequences. This is not even to mention the impact that fire code breaches can have, as restaurants can be shut down for not taking fire safety seriously. That’s why a Hood Guyz clean makes such a major impact. Hood Guyz uses pressure washing technology to scrape grease and flammable build-up away from hard-to-reach areas of the kitchen, like oven hoods, exhausts, vents, and fans. 

A New Look for a New Season and a Better Performing Kitchen

With a Hood Guyz clean, restaurants receive a comprehensive, top-to-bottom service that ensures they look good and function well for the upcoming busy part of the calendar. Appearances aren’t everything, but they are important. Hood Guyz uses pressure washing technology to clean exteriors and floors, scraping away things like oil, dirt, and dust that may not have been removed without the right equipment. We also clean appliances like conveyor ovens and more, ensuring restaurants’ equipment functions better than before. Spring is a time for change and growth, and with a Hood Guyz clean, your restaurant can start the season off right.

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