What You May Not Know About Grease Fires

Grease fires are a threat that many in the restaurant industry are aware of. We have all heard horror stories. At Hood Guyz, we’ve made our business out of helping restaurants prevent this horrific hazard, and one thing we’ve come to learn is that many in the restaurant business are uninformed about some key aspects of this risk. 

Grease fires are incredibly difficult to contain and can’t be put out with water. They are a legitimate risk to every restaurant reliant on ovens and fire, which is just about every single one. Below, we will explain some things you might not know about grease fires.

A Shockingly Common Problem

You may not think grease fires are something you need to worry about because they are a rare occurrence. But this is, unfortunately, where you’d be mistaken. Grease fires are a shockingly common problem in the restaurant industry. Grease fires are a leading cause of 43% of all restaurant fires. That is a concerning number spotlighting just how common these hazards are. If you think it can’t happen to you, you are mistaken.

The Hidden Hazard

Grease fires are not something you can see coming if you are unaware. Many restaurants will clean their ovens, wash their stovetops, and scrub the counters. But while this is definitely important, the reality of the situation is that grease fires can still happen. Flammable buildup in oven hoods, vents, and exhaust systems is hard to spot and not a part of the typical kitchen’s cleaning routine. But this is where most grease fires in the kitchen start, so being aware is crucial. 

Importance of Regular Professional Cleans

Professional cleans should not be a rare occurrence for restaurants that want to combat the threat of grease fires effectively. Professionals can scrape your appliances, oven hoods, and other systems down to the metal, removing flammable hazards. This is one of the core services Hood Guyz provides. We provide comprehensive pressure washing cleans done by experienced technicians that will put your kitchen in a position to avoid this hazard in 2023.

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