Three Hood Guyz Services Every Kitchen Needs

Restaurants require a lot of care. There is a lot that the average restaurant has to keep their eye on, from the quality of their product to the happiness of their employees. One thing restauranteurs need always keep in mind is the safety and cleanliness of their establishment.

If your restaurant doesn’t look clean, it will lose business. If it isn’t clean, you will have hygiene and safety problems. In either situation, the profitability of a restaurant is put at risk. That is why keeping a kitchen and restaurant clean is incredibly important.

Hood Guyz is a restaurant cleaning business that has been in the industry for decades, partnering with restaurants across America. Let’s look at three of Hood Guyz’s services that every restaurant could use.


Hood Exhaust Cleaning

The oven hood is one part of the kitchen that should never be forgotten. If flammable materials like oil and grease are allowed to build up on a hood or exhaust system, it poses a serious danger to a business. This is a leading cause of grease fires. Our pressure washing services scrape away these flammable material and leave a kitchen safe and fire code compliant.

Appliance Cleaning

Your appliances are the engine that keeps your kitchen running, and these machines need consistent care. Our services scrape appliances down to the metal, and not only does it look great, but it performs better. When your appliances are covered with grit, it impairs their functionality, but Hood Guyz ensures this isn’t the case.

Pressure Cleaning 

The exterior of your restaurant defines how people perceive your business. The Hood Guyz team knows how important looks are in this industry, and our skilled technicians use pressure washing to power clean exteriors, walls, and floors. This ensures restaurants sparkle like the day they first opened.


The cleanliness of your restaurant is crucial to success. If you’re seeking to improve this aspect of your business, Hood Guyz is the team to know. With these three services and many others, there’s a reason Hood Guyz is trusted by businesses across the country.


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