Why Hood Guyz is Relied on by More Than 1,000 Restaurants Across the Country

If you want to learn about a business, something that helps is looking at its customers. These show you the value of what they offer. With Hood Guyz, there are thousands of restaurants across the country that can vouch for our services. With decades of industry experience, Hood Guyz has partnered with brands like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and local restaurants to provide a cleaner and safer kitchen and exterior.

You’re probably wondering why Hood Guyz? To put it shortly, our services work. Restaurants partner with us and continue to work with us because we offer something incredibly important: a way to ensure a clean kitchen while reducing the risk of grease fires.

Grease fires are a devastating problem for a restaurant, causing billions of dollars in damages every year. However, there are additional steps the average restaurant can take to drastically reduce their risk of ever encountering one of these fast-spreading, violent flames.

Grease fires are a devastating problem for a restaurant, causing billions of dollars in damages every year.

Hood Guyz uses pressure washing technology that allows our technicians to reach the hardest-to-reach areas of the kitchen, such as oven hoods, vents, and fans. These are areas where flammable substances like oil and grease can build up over time and often go unnoticed.

Our technicians will use pressure washing to scrape these areas down to the metal, cutting back the risk of a fire and ensuring fire code compliance. But our services don’t end there. We clean appliances, floors, exteriors, and much more. We offer free estimates and before-and-after photos to ensure customers are certain of the value they are receiving.

The pressure washing technicians that clean your restaurant are certified operators and ensure a professional service. With fair pricing and flexible service plans that can be changed according to customer needs, it is no wonder that Hood Guyz has been in the business for decades. With thousands of satisfied customers across the country, Hood Guyz’s services can make a major impact.

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