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Cool your kitchen

There are so many parts of the kitchen to keep in mind with restaurant cleaning that oftentimes, certain ones will be forgotten. The appliances, floors, walls, countertops, and tables all require consistent cleaning. But restaurant managers often forget about areas like the oven hood, exhaust, vents, and ducts. These areas can’t be reached by conventional tools like rags or mops, but leaving them uncleaned poses a serious risk for businesses.

Grease fires are one of the most serious concerns for restaurants. In more than half of all cooking fires, grease was the first thing ignited. Grease fires move incredibly quickly, are difficult to put out, and can cause untold damage to businesses. Grease fires cause hundreds of millions of dollars every year in property damage. Many of these fires start because businesses forget to clean several crucial areas where flammable build-up is allowed to grow.

A Clean Hood Exhaust System Will Keep Your Kitchen Cool.

The simplest way to avoid the disaster that is a grease fire is regularly scheduled cleanings from professionals that have the right tools and training to remove any risk. Not only will this make your business safer and cleaner, but it will also make it fire code compliant. Being shut down due to fire code compliance issues is a serious threat to businesses.

This is where Hood Guyz can make all the difference in the world. Hood Guyz is a team of national commercial kitchen cleaners with locations across the country. Using specialized pressure washing technology and highly-trained technicians, Hood Guyz will power clean the hardest-to-reach areas of kitchens, reducing risks of fires and scraping away build-up. While Hood Guyz also offers standard kitchen cleaning services, our oven hood and vent cleaning service might be the most important.

Restaurants should never overlook the hazard of grease fires. While there is so much to juggle for restaurant owners, grease fires are a problem that needs to be considered. Hood Guyz helps ensure this risk remains minimal.


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