Why the Customer Experience Defines Us

At Hood Guyz, we believe that everything comes down to the customer experience. We know that running a restaurant is as high-stress a job as there is. It is a business that operates at a rapid pace, where managers have to wear many hats, and a lot can go sideways in a very short amount of time. That is why we have made a core part of our business’ identity our aim to provide a happy, seamless customer experience.

The customer experience is all about you. Are you satisfied with the work that was done? Are you satisfied with the speed and cost of the work? Are you satisfied with the interactions you had with our team? These are all things that we believe are the defining aspects of Hood Guyz. We work effectively, operate at a low cost, and provide only the best experience for our customers.

The customer experience is all about you. Are you satisfied with the work that was done?

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business. We utilize pressure washing technology to reach the hardest-to-reach areas of restaurants, like oven hoods, exhausts, and vents. Our services help ensure fire code compliance and drastically reduce the risk of a grease fire. They also clean appliances down to the metal, give exteriors a polished look and get rid of grease or oil stains on floors.

We have extensive service offerings that are guided by our desire to give the customers the best possible experience. We cover a broad range of services that customers can’t do themselves, and from start to finish, our goal is to be transparent, professional, and efficient. We provide free estimates and appraisals by investigating your restaurant. Our service costs are affordable and in line with the needs of restaurants of all sizes. And when we are done, we provide before-and-after pictures so you can see the difference we make.

The customer experience is a huge part of what we do. We want to leave you feeling happy and relieved and like you received something positive. This philosophy has guided our business for years and is one of the reasons our customers keep on coming back.



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