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Six to seven thousand Grease Fires ann
A grease fire is where the fire that starts out in cooking area ignites the grease inside the hood and filter and spreads up into the exhaust system and spill out onto the roof of a restaurant.
The problem with this is that the rest of the system (ductwork, exhaust blower, fan, etc.) is not getting cleaned, which presents a fire hazzard.
This is where a vendor will only clean what is in plain sight of an owner or manager, and that is the hood and filters.
We have seen it all. Some systems have not been cleaned correctly for years! In these situations there is a potential fire waiting to happen.
Yes, it is truly free. This is why this is a win-win situation for you. Many times owners and managers are not aware of any potential fire hazzards within their restaurant. If we find problems, then you have the opportunity to correct the situation. If we do not find any concerns, then you can move on to other challenges within your restaurant