Avoiding Disaster with a Clean Kitchen

Working in a kitchen, there’s a lot that can go wrong. With greases, fire, hot foods, slippery oils, combustible machines, there are more hazards than one can name in the typical kitchen of most restaurants. For those running and managing the kitchen, it is important to do anything possible to protect workers. Not only just for humane reasons but because any accident in the kitchen that is the restaurant’s fault can come back to bite them financially. On top of all that, there are health and safety standards to maintain. Long story short, those in charge of kitchens have a lot to consider.

One company that helps restauranteurs and kitchen managers by taking a lot of stress off their plates is Hood Guyz. Hood Guyz helps prevent kitchen disasters and increases the overall safety and cleanliness of the kitchens they work with.

Our company helps restauranteurs and kitchen managers

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business that uses advanced pressure washing techniques with a specialized toolbox and trained workers to completely clean the areas of the kitchens that some restauranteurs forget about. This includes oven hoods, ducts, and vents. These areas are all vulnerable to flammable build-up, which could potentially cause grease fires.


A serious grease fire in a restaurant could cause untold damage. Injuries, destroyed equipment, property damage, this is a serious problem that many restaurants have been forced to face. Preventative action is important.


Hood Guyz also pressure cleans floors, which can get rid of things like deep grease stains that make the floor more slippery. These stains can be too embedded to be cleaned by a mop, and if left to fester, can cause slipping injuries with staff. This presents injury and liability concerns, all of which are abated by a visit from Hood Guyz.


Restaurant owners and managers have a lot to juggle, but the cleanliness and safety of the kitchen should be at the top of their priority list. With Hood Guyz, they can trust that the condition of their kitchen will be greatly improved, creating the optimum environment for their restaurant.

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