Make Your Restaurant Look Its Best Today with Hood Guyz

Your restaurant needs to be cleaned constantly. Kitchens are environments that are chaotic and messy, and there are countless ways your restaurant can begin to look disheveled. Most restaurants have staff that handles a significant amount of their cleaning, and for smaller clean-ups, that is more than adequate. However, sometimes, restaurants need to handle messes that are a little more dramatic or need to get rid of problems that can’t just be mopped away. That is where Hood Guyz is an asset.

Hood Guyz is a pressure washing and commercial kitchen cleaning business that is a part of Superior Brands. Superior Brands has been in the pressure washing industry since 1989, and in over 30 years of business, Superior Brands has learned a thing or two about how to clean a kitchen, and why kitchens need pressure washing.

Hood Guyz has been in the commercial kitchen cleaning business for decades, and for a good reason.

If you’re going to get your kitchen cleaned by a professional cleaning service, there are likely numerous options to choose from. However, Hood Guyz stands apart from the rest due to our highly experienced team, our specialized tools, and the services on offer. Hood Guyz staff is composed of skilled technicians that have extensive training in pressure washing services, and with 30+ years to refine our methods, we’ve turned pressure washing into a science.

Pressure washing doesn’t just help with the aesthetics of your restaurant. Yes, it makes your appliances look brand new, and makes your floors and walls sparkle. But it also goes much deeper than that. Hood Guyz pressure washing service deep cleans areas of the kitchen that you may not have even noticed need cleaning.

Oven ducts, hoods, exhausts, vents, these are all areas of the kitchen that tend to be ignored by less experienced cleaners. But with Hood Guyz, these pivotal areas will get cleaned down to the metal. Without pressure washing cleaning, there can be flammable build-up in these areas, which is a huge hazard for grease fires.

When it comes to cleaning, you should go with a team that has decades of experience on their side. Hood Guyz hasn’t stuck around this long in the industry by accident, and our high-quality services will show you what our countless other customers have learned: Hood Guyz gets it done.


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