The Importance of Un-Congested Airflow in Exhaust Systems

For restaurant owners or managers, the importance of a clean kitchen simply can’t be overstated. The kitchen is the core component of a restaurant, and if the kitchen is dirty or hazardous, this can result in a restaurant shut down. One aspect of the kitchen that restauranteurs simply can’t afford to forget is the exhaust system. The exhaust system is the lungs of your oven, and if that exhaust system doesn’t get the airflow it needs, this can be dangerous.

Congestion in the vents, ovens, and hood of your oven and kitchen is a severe accident waiting to happen.

. Exhaust systems need airflow to function, and if they become congested, the risk of a fire or another hazardous event is high. Grease fires are one of the leading causes of damage in restaurants, and one of the most common ways grease fires happen is when kitchens allow food and oil to build up in their vents and ducts. Grease fires aren’t the only problem though. If fumes and smoke build-up, the ovens won’t work properly.

This is an issue that can be avoided by pro-active cleanings. These cleanings aren’t done with a mop or a broom, so it is necessary to get professional cleaning services that specialize in combatting build-up in ducts, exhaust systems, and filters.

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business that will clean your systems down to the bare metal. We use our industrial toolbox to pressure clean the places that can’t be reached in your kitchen without the right tools. With fair pricing and certified technicians who’ll reduce your restaurant’s risk and have your machines operating at peak performance, Hood Guyz is a great way to protect your business.

Kitchens rely on machinery that many of us are accustomed to, but don’t fully understand. These machines need airflow to operate, and when we let grease, kitchen waste, smoke, and fumes build-up, these machines can stop operating well, or even cause fires. That is why it is vital you consistently have your kitchen’s ducts, vents, and hood cleaned.

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