New Year, New Kitchen: Why You Should Start 2023 with a Hood Guyz Clean

The New Year is an excellent time for reflection. It is a time when many take the opportunity to think about the past year and what they can change for the next one. It isn’t just people that should do this; it is great for businesses too.

If you are in the restaurant industry, the New Year might be a time to think about how you can make your kitchen safer and healthier for 2023. The answer could be a comprehensive clean from the Hood Guyz team. 

The Professional Difference

The Hood Guyz team is a group of professional cleaners using professional-level technology. Our team of trained technicians leverages the use of pressure washing tech as well as numerous other tools to ensure a deep clean for kitchens. We specialize in reaching the hardest-to-reach areas of kitchens, including oven hoods, vents, and exhaust systems, and can scrape away buildup that other tools simply can’t. Our service is professional, with trained workers and high-quality equipment.

Prevent Grease Fires

Grease fires are one of the worst things that can happen to a restaurant business. These fires are incredibly hard to put out and can cause untold damage and safety risks. It is not something you want to deal with in the New Year. At Hood Guyz, we specialize in removing the risk of grease fires by using our pressure-washing technology to scrape away flammable buildup in hard-to-reach areas of the kitchen. This buildup can’t be cleaned with just a cloth and rags, so bring in the pros to ensure no grease fires in 2023.

A Range of Services

Hood Guyz knows the range of needs restaurants have, and we cater our services to match these wide-ranging needs. We offer services ranging from oven hood and vent cleans to floor, appliance, and exterior cleans. With free estimates and customizable service plans, restaurants can pick the service that is best suited to their individual needs. Get clean for the New Year with Hood Guyz.

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