Why Helping Restaurants Matters to Us

Restaurant workers have a difficult, high-intensity job. The demands of running a business like a restaurant, where chaos is par for the course, are incredibly high. Restaurant owners and workers face a mountain of tasks and differing trials every single day. Juggling customer satisfaction with inventory demands and maintaining cleanliness adds to a lot on the proverbial plate for restaurants. In a high-stress industry, it can feel like no one is on your side.

At Hood Guyz, we’ve built a business that has existed for decades that is centered around providing pivotal services to restaurants. Our entire model is centered around making the lives of restaurant owners, workers, and managers as easy as possible by providing high-quality, affordable cleaning services most restaurants couldn’t handle themselves.

We at Hood Guyz are big believers in the restaurant industry. We’ve worked with the businesses keeping Americans fed for years now, from major chains like Taco Bell and McDonald’s to local eateries serving their community. After a year of lockdowns and trials, it is clearer than ever that the positive environment and delicious food restaurants provide are essential to both the lives and economy of the American people.

So what do we do to help restaurants? Our services are extensive, but our specialty is cleaning areas like the oven hood, exhaust, and vents of restaurants around the country.

We also help restaurants by providing them with free estimates. We take a look at their business and inspect the various systems within your restaurants. From there, we’ll give you our honest and fair appraisals. For proof of a job well done, we also take before, and after pictures of whatever we clean, so you can see firsthand the Hood Guyz difference.

Our business is based on helping restaurants lighten their load. We believe our services go a long way to making restaurants safer, more hygienic environments for all. Give us a shot with a free appraisal and find out how we can help transform your restaurant.

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