Protecting Your Restaurant Through High-Quality Cleaning Services

When you think of the best ways to protect your restaurant business, you might think of things like food quality and cost management. But while those are important factors and vital to take into account, there is something else you need that is integral to protecting your business from liability and hazards: a high-quality cleaning service. You might be thinking that the typical cleaning service will only increase the aesthetic of your restaurant, and won’t make a tangible difference in the safety of your business, Hood Guyz would prove you incorrect.


Hood Guyz is a professional cleaning service that goes beyond what the typical cleaning company provides. A lot of restaurants leave the cleaning to employees or hire unproven cleaning companies to come in and do a less-than-optimal job. But those who’ve worked with Hood Guyz in the past know the difference a high-quality cleaning service makes.


Hood Guyz is a nationally known brand that specializes in cleaning all aspects of a restaurant. While we pressure wash floors and clean appliances down to the metal, the real area that Hood Guyz specializes in is reaching the areas of restaurants that are most difficult to get at. This includes areas like oven hoods, exhausts, vents, fans, and other places that might go unnoticed.



The build-up of flammable material in oven hoods, ducts, fans, and vents is a huge contributor to the risk of a grease fire.

We use employ specially trained technicians who utilize pressure washing technology that will have your kitchen looking brand new. Most importantly though, it’ll reduce your restaurant’s risk. Grease fires are a serious source of danger and liability for restaurants, and our services, which clean according to NFPA-96 Fire Code Standards, will greatly limit the likelihood of one coming from your oven hoods or vents.


The build-up of flammable material in oven hoods, ducts, fans, and vents is a huge contributor to the risk of a grease fire. As well, our services remove things like oil or grease stains from the floor, making them much safer for employees and customers, further reducing your liability.


As a business owner or manager, protecting your restaurant is a must. There are many ways to protect a restaurant from potential risk, but one of the best would be employing the high-quality cleaning services of Hood Guyz.


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