Breaking Down the Danger of Grease Fires

Everyone’s heard of grease fires. They are the deadly and dangerous hazards that many restaurants have unfortunately had to deal with. Every restaurant owner or kitchen manager has to be aware of these threats to the livelihood of their restaurants. But while grease fires are commonly discussed, there is key information that is often left out of the discussion. With this guide, we will break down what grease fires are, how they are caused, and how they can be prevented in the future.

What are Grease Fires and How are they Caused?

Grease fires are dangerous, fast-spreading fires. Using water to try and put them out will only spread them further, and they cause considerable amounts of death and damage every year. According to a report by CBS, grease fires cause nearly 480 fire deaths in the U.S every year and account for over $900 million in property damage. They are a serious concern for people operating within kitchens, as that is where they are caused.

Grease fires occur when cooking oil becomes too hot. First, they’ll smoke, then they’ll catch fire and once grease fires start, they are extremely difficult to stop. Combustible material near ovens is a huge risk factor. Build-up within exhausts, oven vents, and hoods of grease and other material can pose a serious hazard for grease fires.

Build-up within exhausts, oven vents, and hoods of grease and other material can pose a serious hazard for grease fires.


How Can They be Prevented?

For starters, know the temperature that your grease overheats at, and do not let your oven reach that level. As well, you must take all measures necessary to keep your ovens and other kitchen appliances from having a buildup of flammable substances like old grease. The best way to do this is by having a pressure washing company clean your appliances.

Hood Guyz is a pressure washing kitchen cleaning business that uses specialized tools to reach the areas of the kitchen most vulnerable to posing fire hazards. From exhausts to oven hoods and more, Hood Guyz will clear kitchens of the accumulated grease and flammable substances that could cause trouble down the road.

If you are a restaurant that hasn’t cleaned your appliances recently, get a free estimate from Hood Guyz and protect your business from the dangers of a grease fire.

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