The Professional Cleaning Difference

Kitchens require constant attention. They are places that have tons of different machinery and people, lots of food and liquids, and overall are extremely busy and active. That is why kitchens require constant cleaning and maintenance. Most restaurants have paid staff that can handle a lot of different cleaning duties, however, there is a difference between the services restaurant workers can provide, and what a professional commercial cleaning service offers.


Restaurant workers are more than capable of sweeping, mopping, cleaning countertops, and other base-level kitchen cleans. But if you really want to clean your kitchen from top to bottom, reduce your risk of fire hazards and grease-induced slip and falls, and have your appliances deep-cleaned down to the metal, then you’re going to need to bring in professional commercial kitchen cleaners. There is one commercial kitchen cleaning franchise that rises above the rest: Hood Guyz.

Hood Guyz is a kitchen cleaning company that can have your kitchen looking brand new.

Hood Guyz is a kitchen cleaning company that can have your kitchen looking brand new. With comprehensive services that go above and beyond, Hood Guyz has what it takes to transform your kitchen, and also get it up to health and safety and fire hazard standards.


Hood Guyz uses specialized pressure washing tools and methods to reach the parts of the kitchen that are unavailable with most cleaning utensils. From your oven hood to your exhaust and vent systems, Hood Guyz will pressure clean these difficult-to-reach areas of the kitchen, drastically removing the risk of a grease fire.


Hood Guyz also pressure cleans floors and appliances. Our cleaning methods will pressure wash your appliances down to the metal, getting rid of all build-up and material that couldn’t be exterminated with a scrub or sponging. Hood Guyz also uses these same methods to deep clean the outside of your restaurant, presenting an attractive look that will draw in new customers.


Hood Guyz provides before and after pictures and estimates free of charge, so you know what you are getting. Our services are affordable yet effective. When it comes to cleaning, don’t settle. Hire the best in the business, and have your restaurant looking as good as it ever has.

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