Suppression Blow Off Caps

Remember to inspect your fire suppression nozzels to ensure that the “Blow Off Caps” are still attached to the end of the fire suppression nozzels.  These nozzel caps are very important to ensuring that your fire suppression functions properly.

The purpose for these caps is to cover the tip of the nozzel that houses the port.  The port is the opening where the fire retardant  material escapes in order to put out a fire that is out of control and needs to be suppressed immediately.  Unfortunately, sometimes these caps go missing  and if not replaced, then you potentially have a suppression system that might not put out a grease fire.

Always replace missing Blow Off Caps as soon as possible…

When you have a missing cap, the opening (port) will get clogged up with grease that is rising from the cooking station.  Over time this port builds up with layer after layer of grease and starts to harden and form a cork in the nozzle opening.  When the time comes and there is a fire the suppression system will trigger and the chemical material cannot exit the opening and cannot put out a fire.

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