How Hood Guyz Earns Customers Loyalty With Above-and-Beyond Services

At Hood Guyz, we know that most restaurants are typically operating on a relatively tight budget. That is why they will often choose to only receive professional cleans once in a long while or just have staff handle the cleaning. But we are big believers in the difference our service can make, and we go above and beyond to earn our customers’ loyalty.

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business that helps restaurants across the country ensure they are fire code compliant, sparklingly clean, and functioning their best. We use pressure washing technology to clean oven hoods, vents, fans, and more. Below, let’s look at some of the ways our services go above and beyond to help customers get the most bang for their buck.

Customized Offerings

We know that every restaurant is different, so we cater the entire cleaning experience to be centered around their unique needs. We allow them to choose a custom plan that includes different services, like oven hood cleaning, floor cleaning, appliance cleaning, or whatever else they feel is necessary. We also come during downtime, so restaurants don’t waste a minute of their time, and we provide a flexible payment plan based on the custom services offered.

Free Estimates

Adhering to a budget is incredibly important, and that is why we won’t do anything that catches our customers off guard. We will investigate a restaurant’s hood system and other areas that need to be cleaned, looking them over to determine a price. We will then provide a free estimate of how much our cleaning service will cost. Customers can then decide if they want to proceed. Our pricing policy is fair and transparent.

Before-and-After Reports

The best way to ensure customers are confident in the value of the cleaning service they’ve been given is to provide them with before-and-after reports. We will take pictures throughout the process, showing customers the difference our services have made. After we finish, we will provide a report complete with the pictures to show you the impact of a Hood Guyz clean.

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