The Important Steps Hood Guyz Takes to Protect Your Business

When you are overseeing a kitchen, there are a lot of considerations. Food quality, worker safety, and equipment life are just three of the countless things restaurant owners and managers need to be aware of. Cleanliness is an important consideration that also helps with things like safety and equipment longevity. But many owners are content with peripheral cleans that don’t make a major impact on protecting their business. 

With Hood Guyz, restaurants can receive a professional cleaning service that has defined long-term benefits in several areas of their business. If you are intrigued and wondering what steps Hood Guyz takes to add these benefits, we’ve got you covered with a quick look below.

Cleaning Areas That Can’t Be Reached with Regular Tools

If you are simply using mops and sponges to clean your kitchen, there is only so much you can do. The reality is there are areas of the kitchen that are incredibly difficult to reach but need cleaning. Oven hoods, vents, exhausts, and fans are areas that can’t be reached without the right tools. Hood Guyz cleaners use pressure washing equipment that scrapes away dirt and grit from hard-to-reach areas and ensures safety and cleanliness for restaurants.

Fire and Hygiene Code Awareness

Our expert cleaners are familiar with the important fire and hygiene codes that govern restaurants and clean accordingly. Not only is it vital to avoid fire and hygiene code violations for safety, as fires and unsanitary kitchen conditions are a clear risk, but it is also important to avoid closures and fines from inspections. Our team of experts knows what they have to do to keep your kitchen clean and safe.

Skilled Technicians Offering Diverse Services

Lastly, our technicians are cleaners by profession. They are highly experienced in the restaurant industry and capable of providing an array of different cleans, whether that means removing grease and oil from oven hoods or appliance cleans that improve kitchen equipment’s longevity. They are professional cleaners that go above and beyond to make your kitchen sparkle and shine.

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