What Can Hood Guyz Do for You?

Running a kitchen is a ton of work. It requires a constant awareness of equipment, management of employees, and dealing with the constantly varying day-to-day life of a restaurant. Restaurant owners and managers have a lot on their plate, but maintaining hygiene and health standards is vital to the continued existence of a kitchen. That is why keeping your hoods, conveyor ovens, and ductwork clean is a must. This helps maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and prevents potentially deadly grease fires. But kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, hood cleaning, and vent cleaning require specialized tools, experienced workers, and technical training. That is where Hood Guyz comes in.

” Hood Guyz operates on a strict code of ethics and sets the standard when it comes to the maintenance of hood exhaust systems.”

Food&Drink Magazine

Hood Guyz is a company of experienced industry professionals who specialize in commercial kitchen cleaning. We excel at cleaning the hard-to-reach areas where grease, food waste, and other substances can build up over time. Pressure washing is the most practical way to make these problem areas good as new, and when it comes to pressure watching, Hood Guyz is unmatched in terms of effectiveness.


We’ve worked with a huge variety of different restaurants, ranging in size from some of America’s biggest conglomerates to local neighborhood diners. We know how much pride restauranteurs take in their business, and we also understand how important hygiene is to the continued existence of a restaurant. That is why we got into this industry, and why we continue to operate: to help protect commercial restaurants, and give them the peace of mind that a clean kitchen brings.

With a leadership team that has over 86 years of combined management experience, Hood Guyz knows commercial kitchen cleaning. If it is time for vent cleaning, kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, hood cleaning, or any other type of kitchen cleaning that calls for some pressure washing, Hood Guyz will get the job done. Don’t wait until the build-ups are already causing you trouble, get ahead of the problem by getting Hood Guyz.

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