Why Pressure Washing Your Kitchen Makes a Difference.

Most restaurants are reliant on their staff for cleaning and expect that this will be enough. Kitchen staff can make a big impact on maintaining a clean kitchen, and daily cleans are critical. However, it might not be enough if you want your kitchen to be clean, healthy, and safe. That is why many restaurants rely on the services of Hood Guyz and their pressure washing technicians to ensure that their kitchens are in the best shape possible.

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business with locations across the country. With an array of services offered geared toward providing restaurants with the best possible clean, Hood Guyz can make a world of difference for you. Hood Guyz uses customizable service offerings and pressure washing technology to deep-clean some areas of the restaurant that kitchen staff may not be able to clean on their own.

Our pressure washing makes a drastic difference and ensures your kitchen gets the clean it needs.

Pressure washing is an impactful way to clean a kitchen for several reasons. Pressure washers manage to scrape past coats of grime and build-up that mops and brooms are incapable of. It is efficient and powerful, scraping layers away within minutes. Pressure washing can impact more areas of the kitchen as well. With a pressure washer, you can scrape away grime and build-up from oven hoods, vents, floors, exteriors, appliances, and more.

Hood Guyz’s services are effective in multiple ways. For starters, your kitchen will never have looked better. We scrape down to the metal and blast past dirt and other material to make your floors, walls, and appliances sparkle. We also make a tangible impact on your kitchen’s performance. Appliances function much better when there isn’t dirt or grease impairing them. We also get rid of flammable build-up in oven hoods and vents, heavily reducing the risk of grease fires.

Rather than relying on kitchen staff for all your cleaning needs, Hood Guyz has an array of customizable services that can accommodate any timeline. Our pressure washing makes a drastic difference and ensures your kitchen gets the clean it needs.


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