Why Consistent Professional Cleanings Are Important for Restaurants

Restaurants face a tall task in terms of keeping their kitchen clean. The kitchen will be clean one day, and then workers return, and the business is inherently messy. However, the importance of a clean kitchen can’t be overstated. To address this, many restaurants will have their staff clean the kitchen every day. This is helpful, but it doesn’t fully solve the problem. To ensure a clean and healthy kitchen, we would recommend having professional cleaners clean your kitchen on a semi-recent basis.

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business that operates across the country. We’ve partnered with restaurants ranging from McDonald’s and Taco Bell to Wing Stop and local restaurants across America. We offer a highly-specialized service that can make your kitchen vastly cleaner.

The Hood Guyz services are extensive. We have specially trained pressure washing technicians that use specialized technology to clean the kitchen effectively. Our team is best at reaching the areas of the restaurant that are hardest to reach, from oven hoods and exhausts to vents and fans. We also clean surfaces and appliances, helping them look and function better.

We scrape away flammable build-up and leave kitchens good as new.

These are extensive, technology-driven cleans that the average restaurant staff can’t do on their own. It is a professional clean that helps restaurants in several ways. By cleaning oven hoods and the harder-to-reach areas of the kitchen, we help restaurants drastically reduce their risks of grease fires. We scrape away flammable build-up and leave kitchens good as new.

Having these types of deep cleans done on a relatively consistent basis is important. The kitchen will always get dirty again, but these deep cleans cut through waste and let your kitchen start again from scratch. Having these on a cyclical basis will avoid the situation in your kitchen ever getting out of control.

Hood Guyz presents options for businesses that range from one-time cleanings to semi-annual cleanings, quarterly cleanings, to monthly cleanings. It gives the restaurant the ability to schedule a cleaning plan that works for them.


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