Hood Guyz and Kitchen Safety

One of the things that should be on any restaurant owner’s or manager’s mind is the safety of their business. Safety is paramount in any business, but with restaurants, when workers are using scalding oil, burning fires, and sharp objects throughout the day, it is all the more important. There are certain aspects of this that can’t be controlled. If a knife slips and someone cuts themselves, there’s nothing that can be done to prevent that. However, there are some things that are preventable with enough foresight.

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business that helps you prevent the things you can prevent. We have teams of highly trained technicians that use specialized pressure washing technology that helps clean the hardest-to-reach areas of the kitchen. From your oven hoods and conveyors to your exhaust and vents, Hood Guyz will help clean the hidden areas of the kitchen that often go forgotten.

Oftentimes, grease fires are caused by flammable build-up in areas of the kitchen like oven hoods and exhausts.

The major area that Hood Guyz helps with is grease fire prevention. Grease fires are incredibly hard to contain and spread rapidly. They can be absolutely debilitating to a business and extremely dangerous for staff and customers. Preventing grease fires is something every business owner should have high on their priority list.

Oftentimes, grease fires are caused by flammable build-up in areas of the kitchen like oven hoods and exhausts. The combination of this highly flammable build-up and open flames is a dangerous one, but with Hood Guyz, you can have these areas pressure washed down to the metal, getting rid of a significant portion of the risk.

Hood Guyz also cleans floors and appliances. While mopping can get rid of a lot of different contaminants and issues, it can’t cover them all. Pressure washing deep cleans floors, removing oils and grease mops can’t. Our pressure washing services leave appliances cleaned down to the metal, reducing the risk of mechanical breakdowns.

Safety is everything in the restaurant industry. With so many potential hazards, keeping your eye on the ball is extremely important. For restaurant owners and managers, Hood Guyz goes a long way in this department. We help prevent risks of all kinds, particularly minimizing the risk of grease fires.


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