Hood Guyz: Affordably Serving Restaurants

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning service, and as a business that has thrived serving the restaurant industry for years, we know how vital maintaining a safe and high-functioning kitchen is for every restaurant. Whether you operate a large chain restaurant or a smaller family-owned business, your kitchen is the lifeblood of your restaurant, and protecting it from potential hazards is fundamentally important to the future of the restaurant. That is why Hood Guyz offers our services at an affordable rate and is fully insured.


Hood Guyz specializes in oven hood, duct, and vent cleaning, but offers wide-ranging services that include appliance and floor cleaning. With a visit from Hood Guyz, your kitchen will look as clean as it ever has, and the benefits of our services go well beyond just aesthetics.

As every restaurant owner or manager knows, the kitchen can be a dangerous place.

As every restaurant owner or manager knows, the kitchen can be a dangerous place. There is so much going on, with open flames, hot oil, and slippery floors. Hazards in the kitchen can pose a risk both to your workers and the restaurant, and protecting your business and employees needs to be a priority.


Hood Guyz services make kitchens Fire Code Compliant, and greatly reduces the risk of a grease fire from build-up in vents or ducts. It also reduces the risk of injury from slippery floors by deep cleaning floors, getting rid of oils and grease that can’t be reached with just a mop. To ensure that we’ve done a job well done, we provide all our customers with picture reports of before, and after, so they can see the Hood Guyz difference.


While many cleaning businesses up-charge and tack on fees, with Hood Guyz, you are given a free estimate so you know what you are getting into. We inspect your kitchen from top to bottom free of charge and let you know in advance the cost of fixing it.


Running a restaurant can be a tough job. There is so much to keep track of, from inventory to marketing to safety. But with Hood Guyz’ affordable kitchen cleaning services, we make your life easier by handling some of the hardest jobs for you, all at a competitive price.


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