Recognized In The Restaurant Industry

Hood GuyzRestaurant kitchen exhaust hood systems send about a quart of grease to the collector every month, and without proper cleaning, that grease can build for years and increase the risk of a grease fire. Improper-ly cleaned hood exhaust systems in restaurants contribute to the estimated 7,000 grease fires reported annually. Hood Guyz performs courtesy […]


Suppression Blow Off Caps

Remember to inspect your fire suppression nozzels to ensure that the “Blow Off Caps” are still attached to the end of the fire suppression nozzels.  These nozzel caps are very important to ensuring that your fire suppression functions properly. The purpose for these caps is to cover the tip of the nozzel that houses the […]


Inspection Reports

Have you ever wondered if your current hood cleaner is cleaning your entire hood exhaust system?  What about the areas that you cannot see?  One way to ensure that your cleaner is doing the right thing (usually in the middle of the night when everyone is gone) is to have a professional inspect the entire […]